“I’m gonna be rich!”
Upgrade that MegaDrill and dig down into the earth to salvage treasures!
You have 25 weeks to gather as much money as possible to buy the boat of your dream and go on a well earned vacation!
Tons of treasures, 12 trophies and 5 different endings based on your performances.
Play, upgrade and play again!

Steer Drill - Left/Right Arrow or A/D.
Nitro (when bought) - Up or W.
Launch Mole (when bought) - Left Mouse Click.
Random Games
  • Reincarnation 3: LTETR
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Ultimate Waterfalls
  • Monkey Go Happy Guess
  • Building Rush
  • Rumble in the Soup
  • Toodee and Topdee
  • Forgotten Hill (M): Playground