Museum of Science Fiction


You find yourself fifty floors deep inside a secret lab.
The last thing you can remember is being inside the Museum of Science Fiction...
Now blood-thirsty zombies, hidden monsters, high-tech robots, and five mysterious sisters are all trying to kill you.
Time for a bloody rampage!
Try to make it out alive...
Enjoy Museum of Science Fiction!

Move - WASD or Arrow Keys.
Shoot - Left Mouse Click.
Switch Weapon - E.
Place Mine - Spacebar.
Pause - P.
Additional instructions ingame.
Random Games
  • Bubble Tanks
  • Endless Zombie Rampage
  • Excit
  • Acid Rising
  • Piggy Wiggy 4: Zombie
  • Out of Order
  • Justice Bear: Equinox
  • Kaitlyn and the Diving Helmet