Sierra 7


You are the 7th special operative within the Sierra unit in Sierra 7.
Stuck in a world-wide war against private militia companies out for government targeted violence you must complete special missions and take down the threat.
Undergo training and use a vast array of military weaponry to finish your objectives.
Enjoy Sierra 7.

Aim - Mouse.
Shoot - Left Mouse Click.
Reload - R.
Change Firing Rate - F.
Change Weapon - Q.
(when prompted)
Nightvision - V.
Open Door - Spacebar.
Random Games
  • Polygonal Fury
  • Being One: Episode 4
  • Hack Slash Crawl
  • ClickPLAY Time 4
  • Rogue Puzzle
  • Dots: Revamped
  • Rogue Buddies
  • Rotare