Wings of Genesis


Choose a main character and a beast and take to the skies in Wings of Genesis.
Travel across the world and blast through waves of enemies and tough boss battles.
Level up your hero, and evolve your beast and get stronger.
Enjoy Wings of Genesis!

Shoot - Hold Left Mouse Click.
Set Auto-Attack - A.
Switch weapon - Num 1 or Z.
Use Special Attack - Num 2 or X.
Use Items - Num 3-6 or C,V,B,N.
Change Quality - Q.
Pause Game - Spacebar.
Random Games
  • Cover Orange
  • Adventurous Eric
  • Fragger: Lost City
  • Spikes Tend To KIll You
  • Light the Lamps
  • Deep Underground
  • The Great Tsunami Thief
  • Micro Pilots