Rogue Soul


Steal more loot in Rogue Soul 2!
Run, jump, slide, and bash your way through each level.
Complete a set of missions and grab as many soulons as you can.
Buy upgrades, new skins, and learn new skills along the way.
Enjoy Rogue Soul 2.

Move - Left/Right Arrow Keys or A/D.
Jump - Up Arrow or W.
Drop Down - Down Arrow or S.
Throw Weapon - J or Z.
Slide - K or X.
Additional skills become available as you play.
Random Games
  • Electric Box
  • 10 Bullets
  • Hanger 2: Endless LP
  • ButtonX20
  • Madness on Wheels
  • Please Fix The Road
  • Dawn of the Sniper 2
  • A Night in Crazyville