• You can rotate shapes in smaller amounts by holding down shift.
  • If your tower is leaning to one side, a good way of balancing it is to insert blocks into grooves you've made lower down in the main bulk of the tower.
  • On levels where only your ‘best’ score matters, when your tower begins to fall - quick-place as many blocks as you can onto the top to get a few extra points.
  • If you are having trouble getting a high grade for a level, leave it and play the other modes. As you progress you will unlock new block types which will help you go back and get the higher grades much more easily.
  • The only way to get those huge high-scores is to be risky. With a limited numbers of blocks, the thinner the tower, the higher you can go.
  • On the ‘level 2’ modes, your recorded score only counts what is standing at the end of the level. It's a good idea to use the left hand menu and click 'Done' if you think your next brick is going to collapse the tower.


  • Block slot 3 - 500m tower.
  • Block slot 4 - Get 3,000 points.
  • Block slot 5 – 1,200 m tower.


  • Random Button - 1,000m tower.
  • Meteor - Unlock Volcano 1 mode.
  • Moon - 1,400m tower.
  • Meteor Shower - Unlock Volcano 2 mode.
  • Cherry Bomb - Get 6,000 points.

Desert 1 & 2

  • Start building your tower on the left side of the starting block.
  • Try to slowly build your tower leaning to the left to keep stable for as long as possible.

Airbourne 1 & 2

  • After every block you place you have between 2-3 seconds before a square block will appear from the side of the screen to hit your tower. It alternates on each side, for each placed block.
  • If you place another block before a square appears, the timer will reset.
  • One good method for this level is to just build your tower quickly, a block every 2 seconds for as long as you can.
  • A square will not appear if your blocks are falling from your tower or if it is in the midst of a collapse.

Winter 1 & 2

  • Consistently throughout the level snowballs will fall on and around your tower. They will not damage or knock your tower over.
  • Snowballs can get in the way, but each fallen snowball will break down and disappear after a few seconds. It is often better to wait for this to happen before placing a block rather than trying to build over or around them.
  • Try to keep your tower as uniform as possible. The friction is much less on this mode so it is easier for blocks to slide off and fall down.

Max Fit 1 & 2

  • Use blocks with jutting edges as much as possible to build your tower sideways when you can.
  • Use weight to your advantage to keep pieces hanging onto the side in place.

Volcano 1 & 2

  • The volcano level is by far the hardest mode. Place your blocks as quickly as you can due to the timer.
  • You can only do well on these modes once you’ve unlocked the final block slot. These will help you deal with the falling meteors.