The goal of coconudge is to get to the hole at the end of the track.

In your way will be several obstacles... some helpful, some deadly.

Damaged Tile

Damaged tiles break down and disappear as you roll over them.

Be as fast as possible as you cross them, if you roll slowly you will fall and die (They fade away in less than a second.)

Direction Kickers

These are the most common obstacles you will face. They are mostly positioned to try and knock you off the track.

Roll at them with moderate speed angling away from the direction it is trying to push you to have the best chance of getting past safely. The faster you are going over them, the less they will affect your speed and direction. 


Spikes are also a fairly common obstacle, but not a difficult one. If you roll into spikes you will be split in half and killed.

However, there is a 3 second window in between spike attacks, so they are fairly easy to avoid unless you are trying to get a low time.


Information tiles will bring a message on screen as you roll over it.

It will sometimes be a warning, but it mostly used to give information on a new obstacle in the level.


When you roll over a slippery tile you will lose all control of your coconut until you pass onto another tile.

When presented with this obstacle on a straight path, just make sure to angle yourself straight as you pass over it. If you get one on a corner, go slowly and enter the slippery tile at around 45°.

Slow and steady is always the best course of action unless you’re going for a speedy time for the scoreboards.


On reversal tiles your controls are inverted. Left Arrow moves you right, Up Arrow moves you down, etc.

As with the slippery tile it’s best to get yourself set up before the tile and roll right over it without needing to take control again until your back on safe ground.

If you are presented with a clump of them, and perhaps a corner, you should just take it very slow and manoeuvre carefully. It may seem simple, but it’s very easy to forget for a split second and roll off the edge.


On some lengthy and harder levels you may have a checkpoint around the halfway mark. If you die after this point you will respawn at this checkpoint and can continue from there.

Every death run after reaching the checkpoint gets added to your total time, so if you’re competing for the scoreboards, keep this in mind.