• When the ball is released, it automatically snaps back to its starting position.
    It does not touch anything between the point of release and the starting position.
  • The ball cannot touch anything while it's being held.
  • The speed and distance of each fling is determined by the distance the ball is pulled before it's released.
  • You can hold the ball outside of the game area, but the fling power is capped.
  • After touching a spike, the ball cannot be grabbed for short period of time.


  • To keep your combo alive, destroy the dot with one fling.
  • Each time you destroy a dot, you get a small amount of time back.


  • To keep your combo alive, destroy all dots with one fling.
  • Carefully line up each fling, but keep in mind that time is a factor in your score.
  • The timer speeds up the farther you advance. In later patterns, prioritize destroying all dots and keeping the game going rather than making perfect flings.


  • The ball can only destroy dots while it's moving.
  • To keep your combo alive, destroy as many dots as possible with each fling. 
    When the ball stops moving, the combo resets. Use this to your advantage by letting the ball go farther without grabbing it.
  • Bosses always move at the same speed, no matter how far you've advanced.
  • You can use the fact that the ball cannot touch spikes while being held and the fact that it snaps back to its starting position to get inside of tricky bosses easily.
  • When the dots are moving at high speeds, prioritize accuracy with short flings rather than long, combo-building flings.

Farflung screenshot