Inferno 2: Meltdown


Here's your chance to be a firefighter in Inferno 2: Meltdown.
Fires are breaking out all across town and it's your job to get in there, save people, and put them out.
The buildings aren't big on fire safety so watch out for exploding oil barrels, petrol pumps, and boxes of fireworks.
Try to get everybody out before the building comes down on you and them.
Explosive fiery fun!
Enjoy Infero 2: Meltdown.

Move - WASD or Arrow Keys.
Use Hose - Hold Left Mouse Click.
Drop Sprinkler - Spacebar.
Restart Level - R.
You can use the hose to propel you upwards like a jetpack by firing down at the ground.
Turn off fan switches to help stop the spread of the fire.
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