The Great Siege


Friends and comrades, my brothers!
The Dark Lord has sent his minions upon our city to end the last surviving bonds of humanity.
We cannot let our city fall into the wrath of darkness and watch our home fade into another shadow of abyss.
Let’s load up our cannons, fire up our catapult, and let us march through the gates and send those filthy devils besieging our home back to where they belong!

Hot Keys:
City Mode:
[M] Market
[B] Building

Battle Mode:
[A] Build Army Panel
[S] Send Army Button
[D] Command Army Panel

Fire Catapult:
Mouse: Click-and-Drag at the head of Catapult to adjust target, release mouse to fire.
Keyboard: Use arrow keys UP + DOWN to adjust catapult target, SPACE BAR to fire

Additional instructions ingame.
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