Panda's Bigger Adventure


After discovering a time traveling ‘portaloo’ machine, Panda’s life has been a roller coaster of discovery, adventure and thrill.
This time Panda must help the portaloo’s real owner get free from a future space prison.
Venture back in time to Ancient Italy, World War II, the Wild West and the mob-ruled America to break the prison encryption key and get back home for some hobnobs and cup of tea!

Mouse only.
Point and click to move Panda, talk to people, and pick up items.
Some items can be combined together.
Random Games
  • Ether War
  • ClickPLAY
  • Armed with Wings 3
  • Fear Less!
  • Be Ready
  • Bread Pit
  • Little Cabin In The Woods: A Forgotten Hill Tale
  • Books Tower