Super Fishing


Try out your fishing skills in Super Fishing!
Scour the best fishing spots down in South Florida in search of the famous 'The Big One'.
Use different lures and techniques and catch all the fish you can.
Enjoy Super Fishing.

Mouse only.
Pop Line - Left Mouse Click (x1).
Jerk Line - Left Mouse Click (x2).
Slow Reel - Hold Left Mouse Click.
Fast Reel - Left Mouse Click (x2) and then hold.
Once a fish is hooked alternate between a slack and taught line and keep the marker within the secure area of the fishing bar.
Follow ingame tutorials for additional info.

Spoon - Slow reel.
Jig - Alternate fast reel and stop.
Fly - Cast and wait. Recast if no bites in a few seconds.
Plug - Alternate slow reel and pop line.
Bait - Cast and wait. Recast if bait dies in the water.
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