Welcome to the Planet Zombotron.
Zombotron is filled with mutants and zombies which kill anything that moves.
The previous civilization built bio-robot factories some of which are still working.
You are one of the few bio-robots left on Zombotron, it is up to you to try and rid the world of the mutants.
Run, jump, and shoot mutants while procuring better weapons as you go.
Enjoy Zombotron.

Move - Arrow Keys or WASD.
Jump - Up Arrow or W.
Shoot - Left Mouse Click.
Action - E or F.
Switch Weapons - Q.
Reload - R.
Random Games
  • Vox Populi, Vox Dei
  • Greens Survive When Reds Die
  • Scale of the Universe 2
  • Ballooner: New Adventures
  • Acid Bunny
  • Dyna Boy
  • Red Remover BLAST
  • Reach the Core