SUPERHOTline Miami


Ever gone into a gunfight unarmed against 20 trained killers?
Well you have now in SUPERHOTline Miami!
Grab a gun and dodge hails of gunfire and take out every enemy to beat the level.
Time only moves when you move... use ultra-slow motion to your advantage.
Enjoy SUPERHOTline Miami!

**WARNING** Level 3 is is probably the hardest of the 7 levels.
You can play any level you like so skip it if it's too much!

Move - WASD.
Shoot - Left Mouse Click.
Pick Up/Throw Away Weapon - Right Mouse Click.
**NOTE** When you try to shoot with an empty weapon you will throw it on the ground.
Make sure you use Right Mouse Click to grab a new weapon when you need one.
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