Hey guys.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, there’s not been very much to report on recently so I’ve been keeping quiet.
Last week however, we released a new game called Gigabuddy.

It’s an addictive, challenging platformer. It has an impressive 100 levels, each one engaging and well-designed.
If you enjoyed CrateRun, it’s likely you’ll enjoy this.
Please play it and rate it on Newgrounds and Kongregate, links below:

Play Gigabuddy on Newgrounds
Play Gigabuddy on Kongregate

Regarding my game (40 Chambers), despite the rather dire situation, things are progressing nicely right now.
The official beginning of Summer is but a couple weeks away, and I’m currently enjoying the South West of England’s shockingly pleasant weather. I think it’s doing some good for me.

And in other news, remember the pile of dead birds? And the rice? And the Cornflakes?
Well, I came across something a couple weeks ago that blows all that stuff out of the water... What I found is truly bizarre and surely can’t serve any other purpose than to unsettle me.

Take a look at this:

Yes, it's a deer skull hanging from a tree.
Wutuf? Seriously, what the eff is that about, eh?
Some nutters living round my area, clearly.

Anyway... next week, or maybe the week after... (who am I kidding, probably in the next 4 weeks at this rate) I’ll be doing a big update on the game. I'm really hoping it’s nearly done now.

See you soon.