This blog has served a good purpose for me recently, it’s helped me get on with stuff and also functions a bit like a diary. It helps to organize my thoughts.

Today however, writing this blog feels like honouring a pointless tradition. Frankly I’d rather ignore it and post an excuse on facebook instead.


Recently I’ve found myself getting stuck in a groove, running in circles, a bit of an old habit of mine unfortunately.

A system I came up with to synchronize game assets between Unity and my 3D design software allowing for more functionality has become a massive, neverending chore, among other things.

This has happened to me time and time again with recent projects. I start coding with a vague goal in mind, but I end up digging a hole, a deep hole, and I keep digging, and then I realise I’ve spent 2 weeks digging a hole and I'm not sure why, and now I’m in a massive fucking hole.


So what’s gone wrong exactly?

It’s difficult to explain, but essentially I’ve started something that required more maintenance and debugging than I predicted. I managed to sink a week into it before starting again and coming up with something simpler but less effective.

Following that I’ve felt thoroughly unmotivated, avoiding any substantial tasks, instead getting lost in similarly heady and pointless routines.


Another aspect of the problem, besides incompetence and lack of motivation, is my insufferable need for perfection.

Speaking of which - if only to entertain myself with a length digression - I saw a very cool youtube video a few days ago and I found myself relating to this guy in an unusual way.

Watch this video, his name is Clifford Stoll, he likes bottles. He’s great:



Check out how he solves his particular problem. He had a load of space under his house and loads of stuff to fill it, but this space is only about 2 feet high.

What are some options?


1) Well he could just crawl about on his belly in the darkness with a torch to find and access his stored goods.

2) He could build a wheeled contraption to lay face down on and use his arms to maneuver with relative ease, wear a head torch.

3) Spend weeks if not months building a mini forklift robot with motors, sensors, radio transmitters, multiple cameras, program an Arduino so it all works, build hundreds of tiny forklift pallets and rig the space with lights.


Which is the most practical solution do you think?

Not option 3. BUT HOW COOL IS THAT?

The way I tend to solve problems with regards to game development are similar to the way Cliff solved his.

I know the 2nd option would suffice, but naturally I’m inclined to choose the 3rd option if it looks fun, regardless of how many more days or weeks it’ll require. I get sidetracked this way into designing overly complex systems if it gives me joy, but that soon turns to frustration when I realise it as a pointless endeavour.



So that’s what I’ve been doing. Chasing my own tail, going round in circles, getting very little done… a bit like this blog post.


If things pick up within the week I might try another blog post next week.


Sigh. Sorry about that. It’s annoying isn’t it?


UPDATE (October 11th 2016)


Figured a quick update is better than no blog post at all.

Sorry for the lack of a blog post this week. I'm not so keen on writing Stall Log #2, that would be a bit depressing you know?

I'm not sure what causes low period, but it just feels like there's no more fuel left in the tank. I spent some time working on it earlier and I struggled to get anything done, not through lack of trying though.

I'd best describe it as scatterbrain, which seems a perfect description for how it actually feels.

To quote one of my favourite shows:

You have a brain like a car crash. There's bits flying everywhere.


 Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Hitler - Bottom

Anyway if it's not obvious yet, I've got f**k all done recently. Therefore, f**k all to say about it.

I really will try to put together a blog next week instead. I know I said the same last week, my apologies for not following it up.

Hopefully I'll get over this dip and get back on track in due time.