Hi guys.

So, I’m aware that I haven’t been updating you on the progress of the game recently.
Judging from the comments, I doubt you care though do you?
Between sponsoring Farflung and releasing CrateRun, progress on 40 Chambers slowed down quite a lot.
The constant emailing managed to suck up a lot of my time that I would otherwise have spent working on the game.
Since Monday things are more or less back to normal.
There’s no new sponsored games this week, but we have 2 more that will hopefully be coming out in the next couple weeks.

I’m going to keep things brief. I tend to waffle on a bit on here, and I don’t think it amuses those Wasted Youthers.
Just to clarify, Wasted Youth 2 is my next project. As soon as I’m done with 40 Chambers, I’ll finish doing WY2. Please please please stop filling the comments with anger and vitriol because I’m focussing on this project. It is nearly done.

Anyway, here’s some new pics of the game:






And here’s the Main Menu of the game. I’d like to hear some feedback on it (music, sound, theme), it’s pretty basic right now but the theme is probably not going to change much:

Also, I've just implemented a Paypal donate button, for those of you who want to encourage me to work.
If you donate something you'll be shown a nice little thank you message from Mr Frost.
If you're interested in looking at Mr Frost but not so much in donating, go here you tight git: http://www.gpstudios.com#thanks

And just to finish things off nicely, this is how I spent my time 2 days ago, on that bitterly sad Monday...



RIP, Lady Iron. RIP...