Hello, visitor.


There isn’t much to report this time (not like usual, of course). I just felt it would be appropriate to update the last news post on the front page to one that doesn’t mention Christmas. Because it’s February.

I’m thinking of changing the name of this section from ‘News’ to the more appropriately named ‘Damage Report’, because that’s mostly what I’ve been reporting on from behind the GP Studios news desk.


So, here’s the damage report:

Since January, I have been working on another project that is not Wasted Youth, Part 2. I’m afraid to say, Wasted Youth, Part 2 is not currently on my to-do list. It will be done and out by the end of the year I am quite certain, but because this is a business and all, it was starting to feel pretty ridiculous concentrating on such a large project that was very unlikely to pay off.

Also, as it’s been made clear in the past, Wasted Youth has slowed my abilities to a crawl. I’ve been occupied with it for over 2 years straight.

Slowly, it’s become less and less joyful and slower as a result. Once it becomes drudgery, taking a break seems more and more like the right thing to do. So that’s what I’ve done.


I know a lot of you will be pissed off with this setback, and that’s what’s stopped me from writing another news post. To those of you concerned, I’m sorry.
I will not announce yet what I’ve been working on since January, but once it’s presentable I will.


Originally, the plan was to start and finish a project quickly (relatively speaking). Wasted Youth had really taken the wind from my sail, and I was in much need of some energizing.

On day one, I drew out a hopeful time plan and - needless to say - I’ve gone off schedule by a fair bit.
One week in, I became ill. Not quite ill enough to go to bed for a couple days, instead I just carried on doing my usual chores, but while feeling shitty and drained and pissed off (I was last ill 2 months prior, WTF?)

It was only brief, but it sapped whatever energy I gained in the reenergizing process mentioned earlier.
I was essentially, de-energized.

So, things have slowed down a bit, but I’m still pretty confident in my abilities to finish this quickly (again, relatively speaking).
I’m aiming to finish it by the end of March. Hopefully I’ll find and drink an enchanted bottle of Lucozade and I’ll finish it bang on time!
‘Phew! I finished the project on March 31st with not a day to spare, just like I saidI would.’ I will surely say.

So, I’ll be back here with that announcement pretty soon, hopefully.
Otherwise expect another damage report.


Incidentally I’ve just seen the following movies in the last few days:

The Artist, Kill List and Drive (I love the font they use for the credits in this film).

They’re all very good, but I enjoyed The Artist most. Why you ask? Well, in short, I like the bit where it goes ‘Bang!’
The dog is funny too.


See you soon.