I could sit here and tell you about the seemingly never-ending drought of creativity I have at the moment, but I hate doing that. So instead, I’ll just grin and tell you everything is going fine.

Instead of the usual news post where I write almost a thousand words on nothing particularly interesting, I’ll just show you these pictures of bunnies for our upcoming game, Bunny Invasion 3.



They’re not coloured in, mostly just black and white apart from the odd splash of colour to discern what is bunny-nipple and what is bunny-vagina.

It’s nothing inspired, but I thought it might interest you to see that I have been doing recently.


Here’s some more bunnies.


I’ve got a few more concepts for bunnies but they’re not ready. Well, that said, none of them are ready. You’ll likely find that there’s some shown here that won’t be in the final product.


Anyway I hope that made a change, rather than the usual depressive rants I go on and on with.

For more than 6 months now, apart from the odd period, things haven’t been going quite so well.

See, I can’t help myself! I genuinely started writing that and I wasn’t trying to be funny!

I think I should just stop writing now because otherwise my fingers will start hitting the keys in such a way so that oh god my life is so terrible I hate myself I might write something miserable and disheartening.




On an entirely tangential note, I watched a great documentary film last night called Être et Avoir – To Be and to Have.

I remember seeing part of this movie several years ago at home, and then once again at school in a French lesson, and I remember being pretty chuffed about being the only person in the class that knew anything about the film. Anyway, it’s a wonderful film about a school in a very rural part of France (I should look it up before writing this but I can’t be bothered). There is a single class containing no more than 20 children, ages ranging from 4 – 11/12 years old, and a single teacher.

You should watch this because - apart from the fact that it’s just simply a great film - it features perhaps the best teacher in the world. All I thought while watching this film was I wish I could have been taught by this man. He made teaching seem like an art form. Sadly, the film follows him in his last year of teaching before he retires.

Anyway, if you’re at all a fan of films in general, I recommend you watch it:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0318202/

This sort of stuff really belongs on a separate blogspot page. Oh well.