Back again.


Sorry for the lack of updates, there’s been very little to report on of any interest, apart from some general inactivity.
In my last post it was my intention to get together a trailer that would show some exciting scenes from the game, but as you’ve probably worked out I never got round to doing it. It was a good bit of motivation though while it lasted.

Since then, the game has been in a bit of a state. I spent a couple day reconfiguring the system by which a level is created, because there was some significant lag happening between levels. So I did that, and then I had to fix a bug. and After fixing that bug, another bug was revealed, and so on and so on. I queried with myself whether to just revert back to an old healthy version and just live with the minor inconvenience of a massive lag spike between levels, but I had faith in that I was almost finished.

Well, long story short, I had a solid 2 weeks of bug fixing frustration, all because of this one minor change. I couldn’t have predicted it would cause such a massive headache, it just did. That’ll teach me to make a fairly significant modification to an engine so far into a project.

Obviously that isn’t all I’ve been doing, there have been other mishaps, and generally just ball-aching slowness.

I am more than ready to be done with this game now. Instead of going on about it anymore I’ll just express myself in a single gutteral noise: ‘ugh’


So, it’s recently come to my attention that someone is being a right knob and pretending to be me in the comments, talking about Wasted Youth and stuff.
None of it’s true, calm down.
So to stop any confusion, anything I write from now on will be inside the news post. I occasionally write a comment in the comments section, but from now on, assume any comment with my name on it is fake.

Maybe in the future I’ll update the site so that if I do want to write in the comments section it’ll appear with a GPStudios symbol next to it or something.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say.
As I said earlier the reason I haven’t posted for so long is just because I’ve got nothing massively interesting to say about the game or anything else right now, as shitty as that might sound.
I know I’ve said it before, but I should force myself to write SOMETHING on a bi-weekly basis, maybe just so the comments of the old can be purged and can start anew.


Unfortunately, I was expecting to be playing my own copy of GTA V right now because I got the dispatch email on Saturday morning and there’s been this whole hooplah about early deliveries from Amazon… so I’m pretty disappointed about that.
I know it’s supposed to be released tomorrow, but I thought I might be one of the lucky ones.
I’ve been keeping away from reviews/news about it, but earlier today I came across this gif on a forum I frequent:



I don’t know why that’s great, but it is. Even if the story’s shit. Even if the cars drive like jelly. Even if it’s buggy…. You can do THAT!