It's a mini update! I wrote this blurb for a short YouTube video I made and I figured I might as well post it here as well:



I made this in about a day with Blender.

This is my first attempt at sculpting anything. I've been using Blender for about a week now having little to no experience in 3D design previously.

I was designing simple objects like furniture and found the knack for it very quickly.

So I thought what the hell I'll try a 3D person, even though I had no intention of using it for Wasted Youth.

As with any sculpture, I started with a cube and worked it into the result displayed.

As I sculpted away, refining the finer details I noticed I was making it more and more realistic.

I hope I can make it a little more cartoony, and improve on the freaky facial features.

As you can see I've given him ears, hands, feet, but I'm afraid the result might resemble those freakish Photoshop creations titled 'What would Homer Simpson look like in real life!'

So as happy as I am with what I've managed to create, I'm not sure it's right for the game. However it's very tempting to persist with it and make it right.

With the original Wasted Youth, characters required 3 sets of animations for a single action (front, back and side), and every face and costume required 3 different angles. With 3D I make one character, 1 animation, and that's it. Granted it's probably more time consuming, but once I have a base male and female figure it won't be that hard.

Using skeletal animation tools means I can also apply the same animation on any size of person, fat skinny, tall, short, etc.


I wanted to test Blender's animator so I mocked up this quick animation, and I figured I might as well upload the results to YouTube, so here they are.


The song playing is Philip Glass's 'November 25: The Last Day' from the Mishima Soundtrack.



I'm sure it will probably turn some of you off seeing my attempt at a freakish boy creature when I could easily reuse the old characters from the original, and i don't really have an argument for that except this feels right. I'm embracing 3D and I've taken to it like a duck to water.


Here's a couple orthogonal camera shots for a better idea of how he looks:




And here's a few 'making of' screenshots I took while making it:






Oh snap!


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