So much for an update every 2 weeks, eh?

It’s been over 2 months since the last post and I apoligise. I’ve been meaning to do this for what seems like months (which is true, as I just said it’s been over 2 months) and it has a been an almost daily struggle with myself  to write this.

I seriously have no idea how some bloggers/twitterers do it. The idea of writing so constantly and fluently makes me feel a little ill.
Now, for once I’m going to acknowledge the “fans” (did that require air-quotes?) of Wasted Youth, which I don’t think I’ve ever done. Again - apologies, fans, I shouldn’t ignore you.

I haven’t read all of the comments that I receive on this blog, but I get the general gist of it.


Oh, and I should make it clear by the way that Wasted Youth has not been deleted, but those comments claiming so have been.

So as I understand it, a lot of you are quite nonplussed about the everlasting delay of Wasted Youth Part 2. I won’t apologise again because that would sound ingenuine. But I am sorry about that.

Let me explain why things are the way they are:

First and foremost, despite what the shoddy design of this website implies – this is a business.

Me, my brother and my other brother (The 3 Broheim, hereby referred to as GP Studios) are the workers in this business. Two of us are dependent on it financially.

This may not be wise to let onto this, but we aren’t raking in the dough like you may or may not think.
Really, it’s not a business, because a business implies that we are paid over Minimum Wage... but we are trying to be a business, honest.

3 years in, we have reached a critical point.

The unfortunate truth is that Wasted Youth was a vanity project. While in the end we earned a very healthy sum of money, it didn’t come close to achieving our objective when we first started out of generating enough money to sustain us.
So since January, the plan has been to get Bunny Invasion 3 out as soon as possible, because it stands the best chance of making a significant amount of money, and maybe then that will inspire us to work a little harder and I can finally finish Wasted Youth Part 2 amongst other things.

Of course, the urge to do Bunny Invasion 3 wasn’t fuelled just by my voracious lust for money. The other truth is, that I was very very bored of Wasted Youth as it had been my primary focus for a year and a half, and nothing looked more appealing than developing Bunny Invasion 3.


Well it’s August now, almost September, and Bunny Invasion 3 is not finished yet. Once again, the gap between our hopes and dreams and reality has stretched a little farther. If you could imagine a soft soundtrack of violins and cellos in a minor chord, then that might get across the general mood.

Ironically, I’m now quite looking forward to getting back to Wasted Youth Part 2, as I have had a lot of ideas recently, so hopefully that might cheer you guys up. The conclusion to Wasted Youth will be awesome, don’t worry about that.
Back to Bunny Invasion 3. What’s going on? Why has it stagnated so epically?

I wish I recorded myself all day every day for the last 8 months, so I could tell you exactly why so much work has resulted in so little. I don’t know how it’s gotten to this stage after such an explosive start.


After quite a sobering chat with my Dad, I really feel the need to prove that I can make this work.

So, starting from yesterday, I’m following a new set of rules. A sort of new year’s resolution for myself. I’ve made it a priority to make a clear list of all the things I achieve in a day and make it publically available to people. I will not let myself spend days on a single task. Most importantly though I will make a short term time plan of objectives every week.

I’ve tried time plans for the entire project, but they are so difficult to plot out that within days I realise I’ve completely miscalculated it.

Dave suggested that with every news post I show a visual representation of how close to completion a project is, so I’ll do exactly that from my next news post. I'll list out all our projects currently being worked and our progress on them and update it with each post.


Cool! Unfortunately, the game is not in a state to be screen captured, so that’ll be for another time.

I haven’t made it one of my absolute objectives, but I do ABSOLUTELY intend to write a news post every 2 weeks ATLEAST.

It definitely helps to write these as it puts everything in perspective for myself also.


Again, I’m sorry for the fans of Wasted Youth. While I’m being completely honest, I must admit I don’t really get why you’re all so desperate to play my third-rate flash game with blocky graphics and lag issues, but please don’t hesitate to tell me why I’m wrong.
Aren’t you excited about proper games? Like GTA V? Borderlands 2? The next World of Warcraft update? The new Leisure Suit Larry game funded by Kickstarter that I guarantee won’t get made? First generation Pokémon Trading Cards? Marbles? Throwing marbles at people you dislike? Staring matches with dogs? Staring in general?

And yet you find it necessary to come back here and express your displeasure?

Yeah, well, I’m not judging you, but that’s weird. You’re weird. Only kidding, don’t stop it, I like your whiney doggy throaty nosey whistle noises.


…Anyway… I always like to end on an “anyway”…

…Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say.

I better get on with work.

But it’s midnight. I better go to bed then instead.


I hope that the conviction in my words will convince you that I am ready to pull my finger out, give it a rinse, and then stick it firmly on my keyboard, where it shall move up and down appropriately so to make code appear. I’m going to try harder than I’ve tried before. I promise.

In the next post hopefully there’ll be some exciting news to announce. *wink*
Sorry, my eye does that sometimes. *wink* *wink* *wink*


Edit – BTW, could you tell us if our Featured Games sliding graphic on the homepage is displaying properly? It’s busted for us Chrome users for some reason and we don’t know why.