I shall keep this news post short as I am hoping to squeeze a couple of episodes of Louie before I lay my weary head.
So, regarding the last post… should I apologize for reneging on my word… again?

If you’re a regular reader of my monthly/bi-monthly rambles, you’ll by now be fully aware that this is one of the things I like to do. It’s a perverse hobby of mine. The negative comments are a plus. I’m a sick, sick boy.

Oh, and before I forget – THANKS FOR THE UPLIFTING COMMENTS, GUYS! They were quite deserved, but still… How come Chris Brown has #TeamBreezy and I get you guys. Sheesh. You have better things to be angry about.

Anyway, so what happened is, after writing that news post, I got about 1 week, maybe 10 days of good work done, and then it all went a bit tits up.

I had to spend a few days doing something else and it completely threw me off my stride.

It then became very slow progress as usual.

So, up until a few days ago, I was still slogging away. Slogging. I use the word slogging because it brings to mind the image of someone walking through 4 feet of mud. That’s very much how it feels sometimes. What little enthusiasm I still had has nearly all burnt out.


A few nights ago, I watched Barton Fink, a Coen Brothers film from the early 90’s before Fargo and The Big Lebowski. I watched some extras afterwards, and learnt that the film was written very hastily (just a week or so I think), while their current project, Miller’s Crossing, had reached a stage where it wasn’t progressing. Barton Fink sort of operated like a helpful distraction. As soon as they wrote the screenplay on worked on it a bit, they went back to finishing Miller’s Crossing with new found enthusiasm.

Well, I’d like to think that’s sort of what I’m doing right now.

I’m letting BI3 air out a bit because it’s gotten a bit smelly, frankly. Also, it takes no genius to see that time spent on it is not time well spent. Currently it’s just a sink for work and effort.

So, the other day, I went to Dave and told him that I wanted to make a game in a day. It could be anything; I just want to release something.

We spoke for a bit and came up with some ideas. I picked one of them, we fleshed it out a bit more and then I started work on it.
This current project is not a 1 day job, I knew that as soon as it was conceived, but it will hopefully be around a week’s work. It’s a pretty simple game, and I think with some extra hard work I can do this.

I won’t go into details about the game, because hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you very soon.

If I can bring my ideas onto screen, it will be a particularly good little game, which may prove to be financially successful… I hope.


And once this diversion is finished and I am satisfied, maybe I’ll rekindle that fiery love I once had for Bunny Invasion. And then of course I can go on to Wasted Youth 2. Or something. Who knows?


I have always known that it is possible to begin and finish a game in days, and I want to prove that I can do it.


So that’s what I’m up to right now.