I’ll make this quick because I’m starving and i need to cook some dinna.

Hi guys! I’m not dead!
It’s a little embarrassing how often I have to say that sentence.
It’s 2015, Christ! I’ve just had to write a letter to my accountant reporting another crap year, and we’re talking 2013… 2014… well, it was beyond crap, shitter than shit, fucked beyond fuckery.

So here’s the lowdown:
New site design IMMINENT (You should realise any statement or measure of time coming from me can mean anything, so imminent is as good a words any)
I’ve been working on redesigning the site for the last month, and since the new year I’ve been working on it and nothing but. It’s looking good, I’ve got the hang of this HTML 5 lark. It’s a piece of piss. Javascript? Not a problem. CSS? Well, I’m still getting to grips with you but you’re not as scary as I once thought you were. I’m not great at any of them, but I know a lot of scripting languages these days.

So there’s that. If there’s any regular visitors left I hope you’ll appreciate it. I might be adding a user system at a later date with possibly some EXP, levelling up type business, but with the current traffic rate it’s questionable as to why I’m choosing this low period to redesign the site. Well, partly because I can’t stand to look at the current site with it’s shitty design. There are other reasons though.

Once the redesign is complete and up and running, I hope to post here more often. The reason for the lack of posts in recent times (by which I mean the last 12 months or so) is because quite simply, I have had nothing to announce. Well this is something to announce, which is why I’m choosing this moment to yell something at you.

Some things I hope to discuss with the sensible lot of you in the coming weeks:
The future of Wasted Youth and the possibility of crowdfunding.
Jigsaw Game and 40 Chambers
Mutant Uprising 2
Cross platform development and the future of Flash.

Regarding the last point - Flash is really fucked. It’s undeniable now. I installed the latest Firefox the other day for Windows 8 and I realised it had no Flash plugin by default. This quite frankly astonished me, knowing how much web content still requires Flash. And they couldn’t have made the process of acquiring the necessary plugin less easy.
It should be said, that I have chosen just about the most pointless time to update our Flash games site, but I hope that people will continue to develop Flash games as it’s still by far the easiest platform to devleop web games for.
That reminds me, the update will also be adding Unity3D games to the site.

Anyway, I’ve already spent more time than I intended to writing this.
I’m off to cook a stir fry chili pork with some jasmine rice.
More posts soon(ish).