Hello. Unfortunately there is no big news, nothing exciting to announce - business as usual - but it’s been a month since my last news post.


Bunny Invasion 3 is trundling along slowly, which is to be expected by now. I’ve been caught up the menus and interface recently. I find I really struggle with that stuff: layout, colours, themes. I’m not satisfied with how it looks or how it feels, but you know, that shit really doesn’t bother most people.


However, I’ve just spent most of today animating the bunnies and drawing different states of decay for their body parts. I would show you some of my better bunny animations, but it takes me upwards of 5 minutes to isolate, compile and upload an animation like that, and frankly I simply can’t be arsed.

Next time I’ll make a special effort to maybe show a working demo of the game, some waves or some menus. I’m not sure. Maybe that’s the drive I need. I have one month to create a passable demo of Bunny Invasion 3.
That’s exactly what I need – a time limit.

When we decided to make Bunny Invasion Easter, we had a month to do it in. I’m pretty sure I wasted the first week in researching about creating a website (back when all we had was a blogspot page), and the other weeks were just a mad rush to finish it in time for Easter. The last few days of that were some of the most frantic and stressful I’ve had with any project, but they were by far the most rewarding.


Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I don’t want to see the dreaded 00:00 in the bottom right of my monitor, so I’ll just leave you with this video that I watched in the middle of writing this post, it’s pretty amazing. Fast forward to 19 seconds in, and feast your ears on some wonderful unaired profanity from a talk show host legend.



Sorry for the lack of anything to say. I’m sure I’ll have more interesting stuff to write about next time.


See you soon.


PS - Sorry that I’m not making Wasted Youth 2 right now! Just be patient.