This game is trippy.

The colour scheme will mess with your head and that’s even before the game begins proper, at which point the colours go fuzzy, there’s a constant motion blur and your robot spazzes out whenever you use its grappling hook.

All designed to make a hard game even harder.

The basic plot of the game is a robot is being tested by a faulty computer with a discordant female voice. First she wanted to test your abilities.

Now she wants you to daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnccee.


Give Up, Robot Image 1


It’ll make sense when you play the game. Kinda.


The basic gameplay sees you manoeuvring your hoppy little robot through some tricky platforming, using only your not-too-great grappling hook.

Along the way you face falling/moving platforms, deadly… stuff that you can still grapple onto and whirling fans that spin you round at high speed.

The game is long too – it’ll take you a while to beat. Whether you’ll have the patience to do so is another thing.

Your score is based on the time you take. This is totalled up at the end of every ten levels to give you a little breathing space.

Throughout the game you will be spoken to by the malfunctioning computer, who will give you discouragement every time you pass a level and praise you every time you die. The crazy female computer character has been done to death now, but here it does add quite a nice atmosphere. She won’t even piss you off too much.


Give Up, Robot Image 2


Or will she?


In all, this is a pretty solid effort from Adult Swim. It’s no Robot Unicorn Attack, but it does have that annoying “one more go and I’ll beat this level” feel. Even if you know the next one will be even harder.


Don’t give up: Give Up, Robot



Written by: Richard Wilson

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