Are you a ninja?

Well, here’s a chance to put your skills to the test.

Hanger is a very simple ragdoll game that sees you controlling a little man who can fire ropes from his hand to swing Spiderman-like through the levels.


Hanger Image 1


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. The hard part is trying to stop him from killing himself.


The aim of each level is to get past the finish line – your score is decided by how few ropes you needed to use and how little damage you took.

For the most part you’re not going to bother too much about score on your first run through. Trying to go too fast is dangerous.

The levels get progressively trickier as they go on, moving from simple uninterrupted ceiling to small blocks hanging in mid-air that you have to get to before you fall into the bottomless pit below.

You are able to touch the floor (usually) and you can move without having to swing. This is handy on the more claustrophobic levels.

Unfortunately you can damage yourself quite easily, making body parts fly off you. This reduces your score and probably shortens the main character’s lifespan quite considerably. Mind you, there’s normally no ground past the finish line so he’s gonna die come what may.

The game is all about controlling your momentum. Go too slow and there’s some gaps you won’t be able to get across and your score will suffer.

Go too fast and you can end up splattering your man against the ceiling and dying in one hit.


Hanger Image 2




This game is fun and kept me playing to the end. The graphics are simple and the music is repetitive, but this one’s all about the gameplay.

There is one annoying bug though; the damage detection can be oversensitive at times. There’s been times when I’m hanging motionless from a rope and body parts are just dropping off. Not nice.


Swing on by: Hanger



Written by: Richard Wilson

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