This game is weird - in the best possible way, of course.

The best way to describe it is as a physics platformer. You can’t actually jump – the only way to get higher is to extend your character and grab onto a ledge so you can pull yourself up.

And who is the character you play as? The letter I out of the word “it”. Prepare for adventure!


The I of It Image 1


The world of letters is much more dangerous than you would have imagined.


The first thing you’ll notice about the game is the narration, which is what gives the game its unusual style. This is not a game you play on mute if you want to get the full experience from it. The music is quirky too.

The basic story of the game is that I and t are hanging out one day when t suddenly says “bah” and buggers off, quite rudely. I wonders where his buddy has gone and goes on a quest to find him.

Controls are basic – arrows or wasd to move left and right or extend your character up and down. To help you traverse through the levels, use the hooks on top of I (or limbs, or whatever they are) to grab hold of ledges and pull up. You also have to shrink to get through gaps.

Hazards include moving platforms, spikes and bombs. The levels quickly get quite tricky and you’re probably going to die a bit.


The I of It Image 2


“Ouch” said I, and died (actual in-game narration).


The game also plays a few tricks, like messing with gravity. It seems like it’s not going to be much of a challenge at first but give it time.

This is a game that you’ll appreciate far more if you “get” its sense of humour. There’s still plenty of fun to be had but it has a certain charm that will just rub some people up the wrong way.


The I of It Image 3

Anti-Grav 'it' y! Weee.


I enjoyed it but, then again, I am quite weird.

I now feel the urge to look back over this review and look at every use I made of the word “it”. Would the main characters approve of my actions?


Play with It now: The I of It



Written by: Richard Wilson


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