This game can be summed up quite easily:



The aim of this neat little platform game is to propel yourself through the levels using only the power of your vomit. It may sound horrible but it’s made more palatable due to the fact the hero is so cute.




You have the basic movement controls (WASD) and can direct the spray of your spew by using the mouse. You can also eat the vomit back up, which reminds me of the rugby club drinking stories my economics teacher used to tell my class. Seriously, if that guy had spent less time telling us about the time a guy spewed into his beer mug then swallowed it back down again and more time actually teaching us economics, we might have got halfway decent grades.


Anyway, the world that your cute spewing blob inhabits is a hazardous one. There are some tricky jumps and deadly spikes that threaten to end his journey. Luckily, the force of your vomit will give you the extra boost you need to make it through the levels. You can also use your spew to make a nice, tasty pool to swim in.




But that’s not all! Your vomit comes in five different varieties. As the little blob is so keen to suck up what he has just expelled, I can only assume these varieties have different flavours too.

Here are his powers in full:

Green (apple) – Your basic liquid vomit, subject to a good physics engine.

White (marshmallow) – Your spew turns into a weird foam. This stuff floats in mid-air and is pretty tricky to use because as you swim through it, your body pushes it out of the way. This can lead to you falling and getting killed unnecessarily, making some levels harder than they need to be. This is my only real gripe with the game, and if there is a sequel I hope this gets sorted out.

Why is it cloudy indoors? Wait, that’s not a cloud… ew.


Why is it cloudy indoors? Wait, that’s not a cloud… ew.

Yellow (lemon): This is acidic and is used in traps on many of the levels. The only way the spewer can survive it is by eating a yellow pill, then he can harness its power to melt through certain blocks. That must hurt coming back up.

Red (strawberry): This is a much more powerful version of the green spew that can propel you much further into the air.

If he could speak right now, he would be shouting Kamehameha.


If he could speak right now, he would be shouting Kamehameha.

Black (liquorice): This can be used to create new chunky platforms for our hero to stand on.

Each ability gives him a different facial expression too, so perhaps the vomit flavours give him multiple personalities.

You can also devour a selection of fruit to instantly spew back up. How can this guy be so fat if he’s so obviously bulimic?

Other puzzle elements include buttons you have to press and switches that are activated by your vomit.

This game can be very tricky at times, sometimes to the point of frustration. It’s lucky that vomiting is so cathartic. It’s a long game too, with 50 levels to complete (and eight bonus stages).

The vomiting sound is a little odd as it sounds like a swarm of flies, and there’s only one background music so you’d better get used to it.

It’s a good game with a solid core mechanic but it won’t be for everyone as it can be tricky and even a little unfair at times (while others may find the idea of eating your own vomit a bit squicky). The ending is nice too, and explains what the scientist responsible for creating you is really up to. Any chance of a sequel?

Try it now – you’ll puke with pleasure: Spewer



Written by: Richard Wilson

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