Exit Path is a cool little game to blast your way through. You start the game in a mysterious room and are promised your freedom if you complete a deadly obstacle course.


Although, of course, there is some fine print underneath this promise that could lead you to doubt its sincerity.


The character you play as is quite agile. As well as being able to run fast and jump high, they have a nifty little slide move. If your reflexes are quick enough, this can be used to get past obstacles much faster and improve your overall time.


There is also the “flow” move. If you keep running without stopping, you slowly build up your “flow” bar and can unleash it by pressing space, speeding up your character greatly.


Exit Path Image 1




This helps to improve your time and is essential to get past some obstacles in later levels.


And the levels do get tough. You have jutting spikes, whirling chainsaws and swinging axes to get past, to name but a few. The level design gets increasingly devilish as you go on but it never seems too hard, as there are checkpoints placed throughout each of the 30 stages.


Exit Path Image 2


It gets tougher than this. Sometimes your character can be a little too fast for their own good…


This is another fine game from jmtb02. It’s challenging, but not so much that you’ll give up out of frustration.


Even after you complete the game, there are several achievements for you to obtain that gives the game extra replay value. Most of them are pretty tough as well, so they’ll keep you going for a while.


There are also collectable icons strewn throughout the levels – finding the last few can be tricky.


And each achievement gives you a new item with which to customise the look of your character! Okay, maybe that’s not too exciting but it’s a nice touch.


Exit Path Image 3


Yes, you look pretty. Won’t matter for too long though, because you’re probably going to die.



Go with the flow: Exit Path



Written by: Richard Wilson

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